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Somebody gets the "Sucks to be you!" card

Now if it weren't for allanh, I never would of heard of this person.

Being book and food lovers he pointed me at The Making of a Chef. Lovely book. Talks about the program at CIA. The author recently wrote a third book called the Reach of a Chef. In it he profiles a young and upcoming chef named Grant Achatz and his new restaurant Alinea in Chicago. (Coolest/Wierdest fact about him. His son's name is Keller. As in Thomas Keller, for whom he was a sous-chef for many years)

In this morning's Food section of the Merc was this article.  Poor guy's got stage 4 cancer in his mouth.

Dude! Sucks to be him!

And did I mention he's cute? Woof!

Is that enough links? Sheesh!
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