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Religion and Faith

So I was raised Roman Catholic. Since hitting college I've been on a half-assed spiritual quest. I've played with Wicca, Protestantism, Orthodoxy, neo-paganism, Mormonism,  Buddhism, thought about becoming Jewish, joining the Church of All Worlds, toyed with the idea of starting Fosterite faith, blah, blah, blah. And even though the yearning for making that connection with the Divine is still there and strong, I've yet to find a way (path) or even a community, that feels right. I despise zealotry and evangelism.  Let me find my path,  get out of my face and quit telling me that your way is "The Only Way." TM

I long for that community. I dislike being a solitary practitioner of any sort. I want to find that church, circle, coven, whatever.  I want that community. Thus the search.

Now a days I tend to tell people that I dislike Organized Churches, because they get so calcified in their beliefs. I don't feel that there is one and only one way to "Salvation" (whatever you want to call it). I dislike people saying "This is the only way to view God". The Vulcans say Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. I like that. I feel that trying to define the Divine, limits it. By putting it in a box and saying "This is how it is" means you miss the other faces of God.

Why am I pondering this? The current book I'm reading had this to say.

The error of idolatry lay in identifying the Divine with one image to the exclusion of all others, and worshipping that image rather than that which it strove imperfectly to represent...They were hues split from a single light, facets of one many-sided jewel.*

I like the way she said what I try to explain to others, when I say I don't like organized religion.  I try to explain this to people, and they don't seem to get it. Someday I'll figure it out. In the mean time. I keep looking.

* Baird, Alison "The Empire of the Stars" Aspect Publishing, New York. 2004, Pg. 90.
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