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Something I don't want to forget

Our friend Ron came over last night for dinner. It was good seeing him, it had been awhile.

In the course of the evening he reminded me of an extremely funny event that just the two of us caught at his 4th of July party last year.

I was sitting in the shade visiting and stitching. (What a shock) There were a bunch of kids at this party and Ike was the youngest. He ran around chasing after all the other kids trying to emulate what they were doing and attempting to play with them. Every once in awhile I would actually look up to see if I could find him, if not I would call out to Joe and ask him if he could see Ike. At one point in the afternoon I realized I hadn't seen Ike in awhile and I called "Joe have you seen Ike?" He didn't hear me, but Ron did and he caught the look on my face as I realized where Ike was hiding. I had been completely oblivious to the fact that my child craweled into my lap and was nursing as I asked the question. Needless to say Ron and I broke out in loud, nearly hysterical laughter bringing the entire party to a halt to stare at us.

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