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A wedding and touching the Divine

So, one of my best buds from college FINALLY nailed his sweetie down for a date to get married. The wedding was on tuesday. It was held in the backyard of one of their friends. For a wedding thrown together in 2 weeks, it was very lovely. At least, what I saw of it.

Now, this couple run on their own time clock. pusifootmight be relieved that someone else we know can, in fact, be tremendously late for their own wedding. The wedding was scheduled for 2 in the afternoon. I pulled up to the house at 1:55 scared that I was late. Wrong! I beat the groom. I don't know why I was worried, these two average 2 hours late to any get together. The wedding finally started at 3:15.  That has to be a record.

Did I mention I took all three kids? By myself? No. I didn't? Oh. Well, let me tell you. Tuesday was Fucking HOT. So I was trying to entertain 3 kids, outside, in a non-kid friendly house/yard. I wasn't the only one, there were other small kids running around. Granted I had the biggest grouping, but hey, shit happens. Did I mention that the back yard was full of fruit trees? With lots of fruit on the trees? No. Oy! Ike was the oldest in the ankle-biter set, but he found a partner in crime, a 3.5 y.o. boy who attracts trouble like he does.  The owner of the house was not happy that all the kids kept pulling fruit off the trees and eating them. Or throwing them. Or just playing near them. She kept yelling at me and my kids. All afternoon. Grrr.

So we finally get to the ceremony! There was only 30 or so guests, but the preacher they hired still could not make her voice heard over 10 feet. I hate that. The bride comes out looking lovely. And my girls start to fuss. A lot. The ceremony goes on, nobody can hear a thing between the wedding whisperer and Elli crying her fool head off. Finally, the mother of the bride turns her head, and says to me "My daughter is getting married and I'd like to hear. Shut them up." If looks could of killed the MOTB would have been killed by her own daughter. Have I mentioned I love M~ dearly?  Thankfully someone bailed me out. The DJ picked up one of the crying little girls and said "Lets take them inside" A wonderful grandma lady comes up to them and asks if they wanted a snack and then gave them one. Thank goodness for the kindness of others. So I missed the wedding. Grrr. M~ said someone taped it so I could see later.

The rest of the party was just as frustrating. While dealing with Child A, Child B would get into trouble, I'd then deal with Child B while Child C got into trouble, while dealing with Child C, Child A gets into trouble. Wash, rinse, repeat for 3.5 hours. Chinese food served for the main part of the wedding feast. Kids ate a lot while I nibbled on fruit, olives, and carrot sticks. The heat and humidity was so bad that I nearly passed out a couple of times as there was also very little shade to be found. (Yes, there were a bunch of fruit trees. Did I mention that they were dwarf trees?) I think I drank about a gallon of bottled water.

They finally cut the cake at 6:45 so I was finally able to bail at 7 with three, tired, extremely filthy kids. We stopped at McD's so I could grab a bunless burger and got home at 8:30. Tired, exhausted, sore, and a bit crispy on the edges. Now were any of my kids nice and fell asleep in the car? Buwahahahahahaha. That's funny. Everyone was out by 10. Thank goodness.

Now the personally cool part. During the toasts the MOTG asked everyone to put up their hands to bless the Bride and Groom. Now, doing this normally makes me feel extremely stupid. Yea, yea, blah, blah, giving energy to people, blah, blah. It still looks and feels stupid. But being a sheep, I join in. Ike's clinging to one hand, so I put up my right hand. MOTG starts saying....whatever. The cool part was that when she started talking I felt my roots sink into the earth, that oh so funky tingle started on the back of my neck and at the top of my head, and the energy started streaming out of my hand towards S & M~. That tingle and streaming energy are sensations I feel when touching the Divine. It hasn't happened in a very long time. I've forgotten how wonderful it feels.  It lightened my mood and lifted my spirits. (At least for a little while)  And as big of a pain in the ass that wedding was, I'm extremely glad I went. My friends are happy, and I remembered something wonderful.
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