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I miss my Legacy!

Okay, so I belong to Legacy Embroidery Guild (a world-wide international online Guild) hosted by ezboard. I love this Guild. There's all sorts of interesting people on it, lots of interesting projects, I get nearly instant answers to stitching questions, and best of all lots of shopping enabling. (Frequent posts of "Oooooo, look at this new thingy, that someone over here is selling!") Last week I tried to log in. I got a screen asking for me to apply for membership. Okay wierd. So I hit the button to reapply. 24 hours later I got a no reply email saying my application for membership has been denied! I was nearly in tears (you don't realize how much you check on something till you can't), so I email the board owner asking her what's up? I get an email back filled with a post from the CEO of ezboard.

Aparaently they were hacked on May 31. The hacker erased *EVERYTHING*. The last full backup they had was May 9. Needless to say its going to take awhile to get back up. There's over 9000 boards on ezboard. So I'm a bit frustrated. I keep trying to log into Legacy and I keep getting the "Your application of membership is denied" Grrr.

I figure I'm giving it 'till monday before I email the board owner again. She must be swamped with "What's going on?" emails.

But still, its annoying as hell.

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