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Note to self

Candies with the same name but are made in 2 different countries, by the same company, may taste completely different.

Let me sum up. I went to the British Food store to kill time and picked up a piece of candy by Cadbury called Turkish Delight. allanh introduced me to this wonderful Canadian candy bar which is this lovely, gooey yet chewy, bright red, intensely raspberry flavored gel covered in milk chocolate. What I picked up from the BFS was a small square bar with a lovely, gooey yet chewy, bright red gel, that is flavored with (I think) rose water, covered in milk chocolate.

That was not what I was expecting. Its good, but different.

And upon reflection. The rose water flavoring is probably more true to being "Turkish" than raspberry would be.

Now I have this huge 250g bar of it to share with everyone on saturday.

The treacle toffee is interesting too.

As a side note, considering how violently allergic I am to roses, I am surprised that my allergies were not triggered by eating this candy.

Looking around I found this blog entry on this candy bar with a very nice picture.


Upon searching a bit more I found that the candy allanh gave me is actually called Big Turk and is made by Nestle. My bad. But its still called a Turkish Delight on the wrapper. 
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