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Movie Night!

So it was quiet. Our friend J~ and cjsmith showed up. It was very cool visiting with them. Its been awhile since we've had a chance to sit with CJ and chat. And with just 4 adults a decent conversation could happen.

If it wasn't for the 3 candy-hypered kids that is. My own fault. I let them have a bit of candy. So they didn't go to sleep at a decent hour, so we couldn't watch any of the "good" bad scary movies. I was afraid of the ankle-biters reaction. So we watched one of the worst films ever made-"Plan 9 from Outer Space". I even made a pun and didn't mean to do it. (Puns during Bad Scary Movie night is a long and honored Tradition. So have fun, and just don't make an Ashe of yourself)

So of course all three kids passed out about 10 minutes after we shut the door behind the departing ladies.

Lesson Learned-Send the kids to Kids Park (drop off day care, open late saturday night) so they can have their own party. Then we can watch from Dusk 'till Dawn.
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