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And so it begins...

Okay, considering that I went down to labor and delivery almost weekly after 30 weeks with Ike, I'm not suprised that my first trip with Elli and Gwen was at 28 weeks. JOY!

On, Wednesday night my uterus got hard and stayed that way for a couple of hours no matter if I was sitting or laying down. I called Perinatal Services and they said go down to L & D and get checked out. Great. Its 10 fuckin' 30 in the evening. Joe just got Ike to sleep. I can't drive myself. We can't take him with us. Crap. I made a phone call to the closest of the moms in my playgroup and I was lucky she was up and out shopping! She came over to sit in our house while Ike slept. Joe and I trot ourselves down to Kaiser.

Things to note:
- They've remodeled since we had Ike. The rooms are still slightly larger than closets, but they look nicer.
- The staff for the most part still rocks. I didn't like the first nurse, she made me feel like an idiot. At the shift change the new nurse told us that taking chances is stupid. Better to be safe than sorry. Made me feel better.
- That place is still freaking busy. I was put in the OR recovery room to wait.

It was also one of the quickest trips down there we've ever had. We were back home by 12:45. All I needed was a cervical check and a quick swab. Since the cervical check was negative the swab didn't even have to be sent in for testing. We also got a quick check of Elli and Gwen via sonogram. Everybody seemed healthy, it was confirmed that Gwen had indeed turned herself (really, really weird sensation having a baby flip inside you) and sent home. Coolness!

So it turns out that my irritable uterus is just getting more irritating. Great. I just hope that I'm not down there on a weekly basis again. It was a drag and a waste of time when I was pregnant with Ike, but this time around it's going to be a real hassle trying to find someone to watch him every time I have to go down and get checked.

Oh well! That's what being knocked up is all about!

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