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Elli's First Lap Dance

So last Saturday, we invited several people over for dinner, allanh, kineticphoenix, [info]riseorbleed and our friend R.

It was a good dinner. But Elli gave us the big laugh for the evening I think.

Elli has this personal dance move. It consists of an adorable smile and this too cute fanny/hip wiggle. She does this when she is happy and feeling frisky. So at one point after dinner Elli climbs into her Uncle R's lap, stands on his legs, shoves her diapered fanny into his chest, and proceeds to perform her happy butt wiggle. We giggle, she proceeds to wiggle more, Uncle R starts turning red with embarrassment, we bust out laughing, she smiles and wiggles even more.  kineticphoenix(I think) then pipes up "I think we just witnessed Elli's first lap dance"

I think we'll have to install a pole somewhere in the house.

Much funnier in person, but I wanted it written down to remember at some later point.
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