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The Newest Iron Chef


Michael Symon
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Restaurants: Lola and Lolita in Cleveland and Parea in New York City
Cuisine: Farm driven American
Interests: Motorcycles, golf, gardening and football
Ideal secret ingredient: A whole hog
Culinary inspirations: Jonathan Waxman and farmers
Ideal judge: A bunch of chefs
Culinary secret weapon: Passion!
Favorite restaurant: Babbo, in New York City
Favorite food: My mom's
Food you won’t go near: Tofu really has no place in my kitchen
Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Duck testicles
Favorite food destination: Italy, Greece and New York City
Alternative dream job: Farmer

I wouldn't even know who this dude was if it wasn't for allanh, who I hope is going to take the time to go check out his restaurant with the next Convention. I know I'd want to. He was the one I was voting for 'cause I thought he had the most "Stage Presence" and would be the best on the Babble Box.

And the shaved head had absolutely nothing to do with it.
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