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Your Score: Ben Jabituya

148 Heart, 134 Genius, 156 Cool, 149 Excitability

Ben Jabituya/Jahrvi - (Fisher Stevens)

Short Circuit (1986)

You're Ben Jabituya! You're a brilliant, successful scientist, but you've never lost sight of where you came from (Bakersfield) or where your people's roots are (Pittsburgh). You're always there with a wisecrack, you're a ladies man at heart, and most of all your heart's in the right place.

"Newton, you know what is out there in the great outdoors? Girls. Mmmmm! With brassieres and legs - mmm. You have a working knowledge of girls?"

"No, but I read about'em."

"Oh, then... maybe I can furnish you with some schematic drawings?"

Other scientific possibilities:

Gary Wallace

Wyatt Donnelly

Peter Venkman

Jordan Cochran

Egon Spengler

Doc Brown

Newton Crosby

Paul Stephens

Ben Crandall

Wayne Szalinkski

Winston Zeddemore

Ben Jabituya

Lazlo Hollyfeld

Ray Stantz

Buckaroo Bonzai

Chris Knight

Link: The Which 80s Movie Scientist Test written by xxyl on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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