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10-25-50 Stitching Challenge!

Yea, I know I've done this before. After looking at the list I came up with a year ago, and seeing how little progress I I actually accomplished I decided to analyze it a bit. What was wrong? Answer? Too many big ass projects. I've only finished 4 this year and I'm close to a fifth, but I don't think I'll be done with the list any time soon. So I recently went through my stash again. (This is a yearly purge I swear) And made three piles of stuff from my stitching stash. Projects completely kitted up, projects missing either fabric or fiber, charts. I wrote it all down, figured out what was big, medium, small and came up with a new 25 item list.

1 Simple Elegance by Just a thought WIP
2 Cat Redwork by Bird Brain
3 Imagination by Szulet
4 Dragonal Seasons by Dette
5 Poinsetta in a Pot  Stumpwork
6 Swirly Sampler by Bent Creek
7 3-d Paper Basket EGA Monthly project
8 Blah by Monsterbubbles
9 Bouquet Table Runner by Bird Brain
10 Hen Party Table Topper by Dutch Treat
11 Chicken Run by Nadel Faden
12 Mermaid Canvas by M. Murphy
13 Easter Bunny Ornament Canvas
14 Sewing Bee Pin Cushion by Bird Brain
15 Carnation Sampler by Aion Designs
16 Rose Sampler by Aion Designs
17 Flower Sprinkles-Sissors Fob
18 Flower Sprinkles-Needle Book
19 Castle Sissors Fob
20 Acorn Harvest Thread Keeper by Historic Stitches
21 New Beginning
22 Fleur des anges by DKS WIP
23 Garden Plot Thickens by Amy Mitten WIP
24 Star Maiden by Stitchy Witches WIP
25 Thimble Creek Ornament (1 of 4)

Some things are new, most were on the last 25 item list. This list has a fairly even mix of sized stuff.  Not all are huge projects, there are quite a few small ones. I think this will work much better and I'll feel a larger sense of accomplishment.

Not that the challenge hasn't accomplished something. I have spent very little of family money on my habit. Most of my latest acquisitions have been through gifts of money. I have spent some, but not nearly as much as previous years. Keeping a wish list has helped a lot!. If I see something I want, instead of Igor'ing  it, I just add it to my wish list. Its fairly large after a year. A few I still even want (Marion the Librarian by La-D-Da comes prominently to mind for some reason =)). There were a couple of notables that got Igor'ed. One of them was when I saw a chart that would be perfect for a limited edition overdye fiber sitting in my stash (purchased for that very reason! It was cool. I'll find something for it someday.) Its even in the above list. And the other is And They Sinned. Now I'm not too into the biblical verse thing, but if you take a look at the pic, its just really freaking beautiful...and really fucking big. It did not get added to the list, although I will add it into my stitching rotation. (The scary thought? A companion piece is in the works....oy.)

So, after I finish this list, I'll probably go shopping a bit, but I really want to focus on cleaning out my stash and using the stuff I've got. I've got a TON of charts in my files, books, and an amazing amount of magazines. Should I ever get some time (HA!) I'll weed the magazines. I want to scan them and either discard them or bind them. Although I could just spend that organizing time stitching....hrmmm.
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