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So after allanhand his lovely husband Randy left this evening, it was time to put little people to bed. Since the girls liked to be rocked, I read while they get sleepy. I picked up a new book tonight called "ScreamFree Parenting". As anybody who's been around me knows, I really need to read this book. I've become my mother, I hated the fact that she screamed about EVERYTHING (hell, still does), and I don't like the fact that I hear her voice (both words and volume) coming out of my mouth. I thought a book with a title like that might help just a little bit.

Most parenting books focus on how to train your kids. I just finished "1-2-3 Magic" a method/strategy of controlling your kids. ScreamFree parenting is focusing on controlling yourself. Ooooo. Different. It seems (I'm only 44 pages into it) that its an extrapolation on the wise and sage advice my Gram gave me when Ike was born "There are 3 things you can't control about your kids, when they eat, when they sleep, and when they poop. Prepare yourself and relax", the books authors are saying I can't control anything my kids do, I can only control myself and my reactions to what they do. Ooooo. Then the profound thought hit me.

How in the hell can I expect Ike to stop hitting people and control his emotions when I can't even do it myself? I've been a perfect example on how to behave badly.

I think I may get something really good out of this book.
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