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That Little Fart!

Okay, so I was all happy about Gwen flipping from breech to head down (technical term=vertex) 'cause I really don't want a c-section. I hate surgery and I know there is one sensation I don't need to feel in my life and that's being cut open with a scapel. Bleh!

So I had yet another sonogram this last week (wednesday I think) to check on Elli and Gwen and see how they are doing. Great! Everybody's healthy Elli's coming in at about 3 pounds, Gwen's at 2 and 13, and oh gee. Look at that. Gwen's back in breech. Arrrggggghhhh!

I've basically come to the conclusion that if she stays in breech I'm not going to try to have them vaginally. Research shows that unless you have a doctor that is really experienced in delivering breeches, a c-section is much, much safer. And like Kaiser has anyone like that around. However, according to my OB, there are a couple of Dr.'s on staff who are trained and experienced. The problem is Kaiser's scheduling. When you have Kaiser, and you go into labor, who ever is there on the floor is who catches your kid. I got lucky with Ike. I got someone I knew. So there's no guarantee that the breech baby doctor would even be there when I went into labor. And to be frankly honest, if I have to have a c-section, I'll skip labor thank you. Its not that bad, but its still not fun. I think the worst is what my friend did. Went through her entire labor at home, got to Kaiser at 8 cm, got into a bed at 10 cm and Oh shit! Baby's heart rate is at 20bpm, Time for c-section! To go through all that and then get cut up? No thank you. Grrr.

I'm just hoping she flips again and stays that way.

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