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Weird Dreams

I have lots of weird dreams. Most of the time I do not remember any details whatsoever, but I do know it was a weird ass dream. But I remember last nights!

Okay, so Joe and the kids and I lived in this luxe apartment in Davis of all places. And a certain usenet/internet personality who writes science fiction based porn and who also just happens to have an LJ that I read, was there (no I don't think I'm hiding the identity of this person at all, he is on my friends list after all.) And for some reason I was on his "Interview" list for a new potential sweetie.  Hilarity insues, not that I remember most of it. Although I do remember it having a "Bachelor" feel to it.

I woke up thinking "WTF?" and giggling.

Not that I think it would be a bad thing to be his sweetie. I think it would actually be very interesting. This is the person who had a major influence on my sexuality after all. Well, him and Uncle Robbie. I found him at the ripe and impressionable age of 20. But the realm where that even might have an infestimal chance of that happening is so far away its laughable.

But its still an amusing thought.

Omelet anyone?
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