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Wish List

Its that time of year, so what the hell. I'll post my want list here

Random Stuff
Beaded Chateline from Madonna Needleworks
Librarian T-shirt (Size 2X)
Gift Card to Madonna Needleworks or Needle in A Haystack
Deluxe Cable System (cool system for hanging art. I want to hang this behind my kitchen table so I can display the kids artwork without damaging my walls)

Charts and Kits

And They Sinned GAST Thread Pack
Sea Stars by Ink Circles
Sea Stars Thread Pack by Carrie's Creation Threads
Autumn Gate Band Sampler (Moss Creek Designs)
Bumble the Bee  # 66, 75, 72 (Moss Creek Designs)
Colonial Parish Church (Moss Creek Designs)
Pumpkin Harvest (Moss Creek Designs)
Queen's Plums (Moss Creek Designs)
Royal English Band Sampler (Moss Creek Designs)
Spring Garden GateBand Sampler (Moss Creek Designs)
Welsh Cottage Etui (Moss Creek Designs)
When I was Five (Moss Creek Designs)
Three Little Words by Papillion
Elizabethan Accessories by Tristan Brooks Designs
While I Darn Sampler and Sewing Set by Giulia Punti Antichi
Peacock Stitching Chair by The Cat's Whiskers Design
Blue Velvet Inscription Sampler by Blue Ribbon Designs
Charmed Dreams by Carol tinson (through Dinky Dyes)
Quaker Cat and Mouse from The Workbasket
Spring Hens Tablecloth by Bahmann KG and the linen for it
The Sempstress by Indigo Rose
Saxony Hommage to Houtman by Jennifer Hawran and Debbie Draper Designs
Bleu Belicieux by Reflets de Soie (Traditional Stitches)
Bees Rule Accoutrements  (Milady's Needle)
St Reatham (Long Dog)
String of Birds (La-D-Da @ emlis)
Marion the Librarian (La-D-Da @ emils)
Pumpkin Patch, book 140 (Prarie Schooler)
Autumn Button Sampler Homespun Elegance
Tooth Fairy Time (Homespun Elegance)
Santa Button Sampler (Homespun Elegance)
Halloween Is... (Kitty Kats Originals)
Happy Hearts (Kitty Kats Originals)
Many Hearts (Kitty Kats Originals)
scardey Cat (Kitty Kats Originals)
Liberty Garden (Kitty Kats Originals)
The Princess and the Pea 265 (Cricket Collection)
Ladies Night 267 (Cricket Collection)
Acorn Autumn 212(Cricket Collection)
Why is it? 155 (Cricket Collection)
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