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My son, the exhibitionist

So with the cold weather (its cold for the Silicon Valley, shut up! =)), I've been putting tights on the girls when they wear dresses. Ike thinks they're cool and has been asking me to buy him a pair. I figure "What the Hell?" and when out shopping today at Target, I bought him a pair. Now, this time of year, tights are slim pickings. I was extremely limited in the choice of tights in his size. Okay, there was a single pair. White, with blue snowflakes and pink hearts. Needless to say his inner Drag Queen LOVED them "Oh Mommy! They are so beautiful!" and immediately put them on.

So he pranced around the house for a bit and then it was time for the gym. He wanted to keep the tights on, so I told him to put pants on over them, and no don't take them off to put underwear on, just get going. I figured they'd keep his legs warm and no one would see them. Au contraire.

We pull into a parking spot right in front of the kids playground. Ike's favorite care person L is outside sweeping tan bark back into the play area. She sees us pull up and comes over to the fence to say "Hi!"

Ike runs up to the fence, says to her "Look at this!" and starts to unbutton his pants. L exclaims "Ike! I don't need to see that" and he drops trou "Look at my tights!" I spit out "Ike L doesn't want to see that, pull your pants back up" as she busts out laughing. "That's totally not what I expected to see. That's funny."

All that boy needs is a trench coat.
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