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Sex and Small Children

So this weekend, I decided that Joe needed jumping early in the day while the kids were awake. Normally when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on the babble box, we can count on 22-24 uninterrupted minutes to ourselves. Not this time.


"Mommy!" *opens door* "Hi!"

"Go watch TV Elli. Mommy and Daddy are cuddling" "Okay!"


5 minutes pass


"Mommy?" *opens door* "Are you here?"

"Go watch TV Elli. We are having Mommy and Daddy time, no kids." "Okay!"


5 minutes pass


"Mommy?" *opens door* "Mommy?"


"What now Elli?"

"I'm poopie" *proceeds to pull diaper off*

"No!" *grab Elli, change her, send her back to TV, rejoin Joe*

Needless to say by the time I got home Sunday night from work, Joe installed a latch on the inside of our door. Now, nobody's gettin' in!

Now I know I can hear somebody muttering "Well, why didn't they lock the door?". Well smart-ass, if the door lock worked we would have. But it doesn't. The door doesn't close properly so you can just push the door in even when locked. Hence the installation of the latch.
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