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Adventures in Gluten-Free Baking

So there are several 1 cup to 1 cup replacement gluten free flours out there. And they all say something along the lines of "Use in your favorite recipes without adjustments"


So, since its Christmas time, I am attempting to bake Christmas Cookies. You know the kind, the ones you only make once a year. So tonight I decided to make Joe's favorite. Mexican Wedding cakes. A basic cookie stuffed full of chopped pecans and rolled in powdered sugar. These cookies are not supposed to spread in the oven. I took the first batch out of the oven and they had spread. And when trying to move them the completely crumbled. A closer reading of the recipe showed I forgot the second addition of flour. Grrr. Stir more in, make another pan.

Pull out of oven, cookies fall apart again. We can't roll them around in the sugar. Pull off of pan and let cool a bit. Cookies can be fragile when hot. 5 minutes later, cookies still exploding when picked up. We managed to get 8 cookies out of that 2 dozen batch.

Make third pan. Remove from pan immediately, though carefully. Dredge in powdered sugar with a dredger (small container with a close mesh). Let cool 2 minutes then roll in sugar second time. Only lost 2 cookies in that batch.

But still, they are waaaaay to fragile. If you don't pick them up very carefully, they explode. After doing a bit of research, I think I'm going to add an egg and (possibly) an egg white. The whole egg will add moisture ('cause they are a bit dry) and strength (to keep them from exploding). The white adds strength, so I might throw in an extra one of those. I might try making another half batch with egg to see how well that will work. (A full batch makes almost 9 dozen cookies. But I can get 2 dozen per pan, so it goes fairly fast.)
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