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Oy! I hurt.

I went to the SF Quilting Guild's Show with my MIL, my Mom, and my Mama Carol. Beautiful quilts, but all that walking around! I did find a $1250.00 featherweight sewing machine to drool over. What can I say it was metallic purple. It was gorgeous!!! And since I don't sew much I couldn't see justifying the purchase to Joe, even though it would be just too cool to own. It was sooooo pretty!

Its been a really long weekend. We ate out every night my in-laws were in town. I like eating out every once in awhile, but not every night. Bleh. My stomach is really complaining. But Fred's was fab-u-lous! (Okay, so I can't bloody spell) One of my favorite events of the year and I always get to see my favorite people. This year was extremely entertaining with impending baby announcement (not mine, we already know about me!) and an impending handfasting! To which I must apologize to kineticphoenix. I was rude when she told me that she and her sweetie were getting married. I won't repeat what I said, but upon later reflection, I found I had given myself a nasty case of athlete's foot in my gum line. I'm sorry sweetie! I abase myself at your feet. I am truly happy for you! I am unbelieveibly joyful that you've found someone to share your life with. You deserve to be happy!

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