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Merry Christmas!

Well Santa (Joe) was good to me!

I got

Cross Stitch Messenger Bag
A  Three Strand Mommy Bracelet with my kids names.
OoTS T-shirt (What a lovely double entrendre =) )
Lots of cool movies and books and cool cash to pay for my stitching shopping spree earlier in the month

The kids of course made out like bandits. Lots of generous family and friends. The big winner? The trampoline. We got a mini trampoline for the kids and they all love it. The dolls are cool, books are okay, but that trampoline rocks.  =)

Dinner went well. Everything tasted good and there was more than enough for everyone to eat. We had 14, including the kids, for supper. The prime rib was perfect, my experiment with the sweet potatoes was successful, the potatoes were a bit overdone, and the broccoli was a bit scorched (I accidentially let the pot run dry). Full tummies, lots of loving family (and everyone here today was family, whether related by blood or not),  and good memories.

It was a good Christmas.
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