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Cool Kids Christmas Book

So while at work on saturday, I pulled a couple of kids books to bring home to share with Ike. One was just silly "The Wizard, The Fairy, and The Magic Chicken" which Ike enjoyed very much. He likes silly things for some reason. =) The other one "The Three Wise Women" looked like a cool Feminist perspective on the Christmas story. I glanced through it and brought it home.

I read it to Ike earlier this evening. Its a story of the Three Wise Women who visit the Holy Family immediately after the Three Wise Men. Cool. Then I thought about it. The author was VERY subtle with the subcontext. The Three wise women are "A young woman, a mother, and a grandmother", as I'm reading it to Ike I'm going wait. Maiden. Mother. Crone.  Oh cool!

Baby Jesus is visited by the three aspects of the Goddess. Awesome!
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