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My weekend

With no computer access no less.

I left friday afternoon and ran over to CH's house. Where we chatted and waited for CB and R to show up. That took about 45 minutes. We loaded up the van and got on the road. We went up 280 then 1 (not bad traffic through the city) and then over the Golden Gate. We stopped for dinner at Max's in...It wasn't San Anselmo (I don't think), but whatever city that is right there at 101 and Sir Francis Drake. We ate dinner. I actually found something good to eat that wouldn't make my weekend completely miserable.

Back on the road, drive up to Windsor. Find the timeshare. Check in, take stuff upstairs, get back into van and run to Grocery Store for food and snacks for the weekend. Back to timeshare, unload food, fix snack, chat for a bit. Roll dice for room picks. Crash.

Sleep in!

Get up loaf around in PJ's, chat, I stitch, finally get breakfast fixed. Realize its noon, throw on clothes, load into van and we are off to see what fun Windsor can offer 4 Mom's with no kids.

Not much.

Seriously. Every shop we knew about was closed for business. The Town Green was dead. There was one standout exception. The candy store. Its called Powell's, and its a seriously cool store. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (The original!) playing on a big screen on one wall. Lots of retro candy (I found Zotz!) and foreign candy too. I was very disappointed they didn't carry Big Turk and I pointed out to the manager that they needed to if they were going to carry Violet Crumble. I also found Valomilk. Which I've never had and it was interesting.

Wander back to condo. Fix snack. Decide on a movie to watch. Pull out projects to work on. (Me and R worked on Baby books). Watch movie. Finish project an hour and twenty into movie. Sit and watch movie. After another 15 minutes I start wracking my brain. I didn't recall "Memoirs of a Geisha" being a black and white film. I wait another 10 minutes and ask after the jewel case. Determine that the movie is in fact supposed to be in color. After the movie is over we discover the loose cable between the DVD player and the TV. We have now seen the "Artistic" version of the movie. Oy.

We fix dinner. BBQ chicken, baked potato, salad. Good stuff! Figure out that the fridge is malfunctioning. Its cranked up to high and milk is cool. Fiddle with that a bit. Game time!

I brought 4 games. We played 2. We played a hand of Gimmie the Brain in normalish time amount. It had been so long since I had played it I had to keep referring to the rule sheet. They weren't too thrilled with that one, so we switched to Fluxx. That one went over much better and the first 3 rounds were among the quickest I've ever played. For example, with the first game, the third person to play...won. R never even got to play. We played it 4 times and I won twice. We notice its getting late. Time for Ice Cream! And another movie. Since its just after 11, we decided to watch something short. We picked "Mean Girls". I wasn't impressed. It wasn't bad, but it was only mildly entertaining to me. I stitched during the movie. And even that didn't improve it much.

We stayed up till waaaaaaaaay too late chatting and just having fun being together. We eventually crashed in our own rooms and I got hit with an attack of insomnia. After a half an hour I got up and took 1 tryptophan. It took about 20 minutes to kick in, but I finally fell asleep.

And woke up at 9:50 this morning. I was the first up so I ran into the shower to bathe. By the time I got out, the other three were up and chatting. Everybody got cleaned up, drank some caffeine, we fixed breakfast, and (duh) talked some more. Got into a rather, well, not heated, but heavily debated factoid. CB was arguing that Warren Beatty was in Hairspray.

Me: "Are you sure it wasn't Hair?"
CB: "No it was called Hairspray."
Me: "Are you talking about the John Waters film?"
CB: "Who's that?" *I drop my jaw* "Its the movie in the '80's that was about racism. They just did it was John Travolta."
Me: "The John Waters film starred Ricki Lake. Is that the movie you're thinking about?"
CB: "Oh I have no idea, but I know that Warren Beatty starred in a movie called "Hairspray."

Now, me being a huge JW fan. I knew for a fact that Warren Beatty did not star in Hairspray. The Fabulous Divine did. Warren Beatty was nowhere in that flick. But I'm not familiar with his career so I couldn't rebut with a movie he was in. She kept insisting that he did. So, being who I am, and not near a computer, I call people who usually are. I call home. Joe's in the can. I call allanh. He wasn't home. I figured oh well, I figure it out when I get home. Then Joe calls. I have him IMDB Beatty and figure out the movie she's thinking of is Shampoo.

That debate over we clean up, load up the van, check out and head on home. We stop at Peter's in Millbrae for lunch. Finish ride to SJ. Trip over.

Things I learned:
1. My opinions and views on life are vastly different than these women. Some of my thoughts, had I shared them (I'm not that stupid), would have shocked the shit out of them.
2. I really need to shut up. Not everyone appreciates random bits of information flotsam. Especially when I know its contrary to what they think (i.e. commercially manufactured mayonaise, like Best Foods, do not need to be refrigerated after opening. It can be put in the pantry and it doesn't cause food poisoning if left out. Yes I know this is contrary to what people think and are told, but look it up. As long as you keep it room temperature (in the house) and out of the sun (at a picnic) its safe.) I noticed I did this most when I felt like I had nothing else to contribute to the conversation. I need to just listen and enjoy.
3. I don't feel like I truly fit in with these women. I'm not middle america. I've never had a group of girlfriends before, so I feel like I'm still trying to figure out the whole "hang with a girl group" dynamic thing. l also recognize that the feeling of not fitting in might just be my insecurities.
4. Elli and Gwen are no longer babies. They truly are little girls. *sniff*
5. I have a fabulous husband. Out of the entire group, he was the only one encouraging me to go and not giving me a guilt trip about doing so.  And left him with 3 kids (BTW I have more kids than anyone else does too). And he didn't call me to complain. Definite blow job points for that.
6. The kids are real energy vampires.
7. Twin beds suck.
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