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Potty Parties and Did that really come out of your butt?

So I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and potty train the girls.

I have a stack of 3 dozen cotton training pants and no where to go for the week. And a large stack of cloth diapers for the inevitable accidents. After they got up from bed this morning I sat them down and told them that they were big girls and that we were going to learn to use the potty this week.

The enthusiasm I got from the girls was underwhealming.

But I still slapped pretty panties on them and set the timer for 20 minutes. When the timer goes off its "Potty Party Time!". Ike's even getting into the act. They get up and run to bathroom, pull down their panties and they sit and we sing. Thank god I've got three potties in that hall bathroom. Everyone gets a small smiley fact sticker for attending a potty party, a princess sticker for peeing in the potty, and M&M's for when they poop.

Elli decided that she wasn't having anything to do with this after a couple of hours. Rather than force her and bite my own nose off dispite myself,  I let her skip while I ran off with Ike and Gwen and had fun and they got stickers. She didn't like being left out so she joined us again. Woo Hoo! I'm actually getting this parenting thing.

I will tentatively say that they are getting the idea. The number of accidents occurring between potty party times is dropping significantly.

At one party Ike pooped. He asked for help wiping his fanny and he turned around. I was shocked to see pink poop. I've seen black, and green...but never pink. And a bright shocking pink it was. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell he ate to make it that particular color.

Magic was MIA for most of the fact after combing the house for her usual hiding spots and a semi-frantic call to Joe I finally found her. She's got a new hiding spot. I must remember this for the next time I can't find her. For awhile there I thought she went on a permanent walk like Harley.

This potty party stuff is tiring. I'm still fighting the creeping crud in my lungs that I've been fighting since before Christmas and the latest sinus infection. Having an extremely heavy and unpleasant period cycle on top of this...its wearing me out. =/

All in all, its a busy day.
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