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Okay, that's cool

I was pointed to this article by theweaselking. Although the article in and of itself is interesting reading (How UK Medical Profession are failing GBLT kids), but what caught my attention what was at the very bottom of the article.

I found this

<input ... > APA University of Manchester (2008, January 24). UK Doctors 'Failing' Children Trapped In Gender Limbo, According To Experts. ScienceDaily.

<input ... > MLA
University of Manchester. "UK Doctors 'Failing' Children Trapped In Gender Limbo, According To Experts." ScienceDaily 24 January 2008. 25 January 2008 <­ /releases/2008/01/080123174355.htm>.

How cool is that? The article that will give you the proper citation for the article with your preferred style.

Wish I had had that in college

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