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So, the in-laws want our next Disney vacation in Florida. Fair enough...I've never been. It will be a couple of years because 1. I hate flying with little people, 2. its going to take awhile to save our pennies.

Anyway, I was poking around the WDW vacation website, plugging in dates, numbers of people, etc, etc.


To stay at the top of the line Suites with Kitchens $1500 per person (plus airfare for us)
To stay at the bottom of the line (Tents!) $460 per person (plus air)
To stay in the cabins in the camping area (a/c, tv, full kitchen, sleeps 6) $979 per person (plus air)*
To stay in the cheap hotel, (no kitchen) $733 per person (plus air)

It might take me a bit longer to save my pennies than I originally thought.

I really want that kitchen...even if we are just making breakfast and should save us tons on food.


* Now these prices reflect, 10 day off season stay, 10 day park hopper passes (includes water parks), no air, no car.
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