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Yet another adventure.

So we decided to take the kids on their first trip to the snow. We came home yesterday...a day early. OY!

We left late thursday night. The original plan was to leave noonish, thus beating rush traffic. Then we found out that it was going to be Ike's last day of school (sniff) so we waited until he got back at 3:35. It took until 10:30 to get up to Truckee (250 miles away) we made better time going to Disneyland (324 miles). (The trip included an hour dinner stop, a potty/water stop, and a teach Ike to pee on snow stop. (He really liked that)) But took fucking forever. Finally got in the room, got everything in and got to pass out by midnight.

Leisurely wake up and breakfast. The room had a kitchenette in it, so I made blueberry pancakes for everyone else while I ate oatmeal. Everyone got hot chocolate and a choice of either whipped cream from a can or marshmallows. Then the fun. It took an amazing amount of time to get 2 adults and 3 kids into sufficient clothes to stay warm while playing in the snow. Pack the kids in the car and head down the road.

Before we left, I researched places to play. I found Soda Springs which has this dedicated kids under 6 play area. For $15.00 they could play from 10-3. There was a tube carousel, mini hills for the kids to try ski's and snowboards and a tubing area. It was really nice. Ike LOVED it.

The girls, however... *groan* Once we got there and bought their tickets (took forever) and took them back to the play area. By that point, Gwen had lost her boot twice and Elli lost one of her's 3 times. After playing for about an hour...they were done. Their noses were running, their eyes were watering, Gwen was seriously constipated so she was basically unhappy in general. They just didn't like it. So Joe helped me get them to the car and I took them back to the room. Where they bounced off the walls and attempted to trash the place. At 2:30 I loaded them back into the car and went to get Joe and Ike. Beautiful drive. Girls fell asleep (Woot!) Ike was in tears when I pulled up, he wasn't ready to go...he wanted to continue playing.

Get everyone back to the room. Manage to keep Elli asleep, but the moving from car to bed process got Gwen up. Kept them entertained and fixed them Mac and Cheese. Joe and I decide we have to be able to do something with them that evening, as there is no way in hell we can keep them happy in that small room. They are bouncing off the walls. We figure there has to be drop off child care somewhere in Reno, so off we go over state lines.

We park at Circus Circus and head into hotel. End up through mis-communication decide it will be easier to take the kids to dinner with us. (N.B. Joe and I have been bickering since we climbed in the car the day before. He's tired, I'm sick and tired and we just aren't getting along. Not good on a trip) To sum up, dinner was a disaster, neither Joe nor I got to finish dinner. We hauled their screaming, crying fannies out of them and drove them back to Truckee. (Although to give Ike some credit, he actually did quite well.)

On the drive back, Joe and I had a good talk. Ponder why we don't have "fun" with our kids on trips like this (i.e. the Disneyland wasn't was work) We eventually conclude that we continue to take the kids on trips that Ike is the perfect age for, but the girls are too young. The fact that we are trying to juggle two year old twins is what is shooting us in the foot. If it was a single two year old, it wouldn't be so bad. So, they don't have fun, they get cranky, and make everyone miserable. So we decided that no more trips this involved until the girls are a bit older. We are currently debating if camping falls under this category.

We also debate and decide to cut our losses and go home early. Joe and Ike would go back to Soda Springs and play in the snow, I would keep the girls and pack everything up. When Ike and Joe got back, they'd change and we'd leave. We still have to pay for the night, but we decided that it would be less painful than staying another night.

Luckily Ike falls asleep on the way home from Reno and survives the transfer. He stays asleep all night. Woo Hoo!

Wash, rinse and repeat night and morning experience.

I waved Ike and Joe off, popped a movie in the DVD player and proceeded to pack up. The girls kept quiet and after a bit I notice its 11:30. I decide to make them pizza for lunch (one less thing for me to take home), I pop it into the oven and sit down to read a bit when Ike walked in. Its Saturday morning. Joe and Ike couldn't even park the car, so they came back.

Feed everyone lunch, pack car and check out. We had a couple of stops on the way home, but the trip back was quicker.

I am very glad to be home. I slept good last night and I managed to get an appt this morning to see a doctor over the fact that I've been constantly sick since Solstice. So, with some new drugs in hand, I might get to feel better soon. Joe also managed to let me take a 3.5 hour nap. I have a great husband.

As another bonus for the weekend. I find out acidentially that all the rooms in the place where we stayed are individually owned. Several are up for sale at a price we've decided to pursue investigation. I like the idea of having some vacation property, I don't like time shares, and that area of the world is good for year round fun. So, it would also be a good investment property. It would also be nice for when the kids are a bit older.
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