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I'm acutally hoping he's just trying to scare us again

But I don't think so.

While we were on our snow trip, my Gram called and left a message saying that Pop was in the hospital again. He was doing okay, but to call when I got a chance. She called Friday, I called Saturday when I got home. She said they moved him out of ICU and that he should be home in a couple of days. I hung up thinking "Poor guy"

While waiting for an appointment at Kaiser yesterday, I took advantage of my kidless state to call Gram and get an update. She said that Pop would be coming home Thursday and into Hospice care. Hospice care means they don't do anything. No more appointments, just morphine and ways to keep you comfy. She said that Pop made the decision and that they were okay with it. I told her to not wear herself out and take care of herself too and asked to pass my love onto Pop.

While at the gym this morning she left another message saying that Pop isn't doing well and won't be going home today. I call her when I get back and find out that he's doing worse, but holding on. Pass on that info to my Mom.

After my guild meeting this evening, I check my cell phone. There's a message. Its Gram saying call her. No time stamp. I call her back and get my Uncle. He tells me that Pop isn't doing so well, and he probably won't be here tomorrow. I mentally make a decision to drive up there if he's still alive in the morning. I hang up and drive home.

Once I get home Joe tells me that my Mom called. I call her back. She had gone down to the hospital, she said that Pop's not conscious, not in pain, 'cause they are giving him morphine and increasing it as needed and were going to turn off his internal defibrillator and that she would be very surprised if he lived till morning. She also mentioned that my Gram hasn't been able to get a hold of my Dad. Knowing my Dad, I called him after getting off the phone with Mom. Found out that he's in Oregon*, he'll be home tomorrow, and filled him on the situation. (Pop is his Step-father)  Turns out its a good thing I called as he's scheduled to drive to Maryland next week and won't be back for 2 weeks...he'll make other arrangements.

So I am needless to say very bummed out, crying sporadically, and just not looking forward to any phone calls from my Gram tomorrow.

*A couple of months ago, almost at the 6 month anniversary of my step-mother's death, my Dad went back to driving trucks. Although this time he's finally driving cross country, something he's always wanted to do...he's usually home on the weekends and he says he likes it. More power to him.
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