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I ate food...

and it was good!

I got to eat a half of a plain waffle with bananna slices. And it stayed down, and it didn't hurt! Yea for me!

Needless to say I feel MUCH better than I did earlier in the week. Its amazing how well 300mg of zantac twice a day will make you feel. And I don't care what anybody says labor has nothing on this kind of pain. The big benefit of labor is that you can check out mentally. That and the nursing staff will bend over backwards to give you almost any kind pain medication you can think of. I think my body does this to me to remind me that labor is a piece of cake compared to other kinds of pain it can come up with. And at least at the end of labor you get a baby!

So. Things to keep in mind for the duration. No fatty or greasy food. No caffeine. No chocolate (ouch!). No spicy food. No bubbly liquids. No coffee. No tea.

I think I can live with this for the next couple of months. I am also declaring it "No Bra Day" for the duration. The stupid bra strap adds too much pressure onto my stomach and it hurts too much, even though I already have a fully extended extender on it. So screw it! I won't wear it.

Joe and I are going to try making convention this afternoon and this evening. Needless to say I won't be dancing, but at least I get to visit some and we'll be there for the banquet tonight. I spent $300.00 on the tickets for this event and dammit I'm getting some use out of the money I spent. I want my schwag!

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