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Although perfect, not meant to be this time

So Joe and I have been talking about adopting a dog. Can't have a baby...might as well get a dog. We knew we didn't want a puppy, I am convinced that the kids would just terrorize a puppy, so I went looking at for an adult dog to adopt. Due to allergies, Joe and I narrowed our search to 3 breeds, a standard poodle, a standard schnauzer, and a portuguese water dog (It stops traffic you know!). So I found a standard poodle in TX that seemed to fit our needs perfectly. Three years old, male, house trained, crate trained, knows obedience, loves kids and cats.  The best part? His name is Harley.

A white, male dog named Harley. Could the universe be speaking louder?

But he costs $1100.00

Yes, you read that right. Eleven hundred bucks. Here's the breakdown

$550 for the dog itself (reimburses the rescue group for his acquisition (rescued from a breeder that was just going to put him down if they didn't buy him), neutering, microchipping, and grooming. The other $550 was for a shipping crate ($100.00) a plane ticket ($300.00), vet certificates ($100) plus ground transportation ($50). Plus another $60.00 for boarding since we won't want to ship him until after Ike's birthday party and after Joe's mom goes home.


We decided that even though he seems perfect. We can't justify spending that much money on a dog. Joe also didn't realize that because of his breed there'd be a continual cost for grooming. Which, to be honest, we really can't afford right now either. So we will wait, be patient, one of the local rescue groups should find us a perfect dog someday.

I wish I didn't have allergies so that I could just go down to the bloody pound. It would make life so much easier. And cheaper. =(
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