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I've been too busy this week to post as I would have I'm going to play catch up!

About 6 months ago, I volunteered to participate in my High School's Career Fair...although in many ways H.S. was miserable...I still credit the institution for my success.There I learned that I was smart, I was capable, and I could accomplish my dreams. They kinda failed in instilling a strong Catholic faith in me...but two out of three isn't bad.

About a month ago, I called ALA (American Library Association) in Chicago and talked to their recruitment department. I told them what I was doing and asked if they could send out...stuff. Posters, bookmarks, you know...schwag. A week before the event, I got this HUGE package stuffed with Posters, bookmarks, ballpoint pens, pencils, highlighters and brochures....good to know my dues are going towards cool stuff.

Anyway, as a fair participant, they asked us to be there at 7 Concord. Oy. So I set the alarm for 5:15 so I could shower and run out the door. I woke up at...6:06. Its a bit over an hours drive. FUCK! I was extremely glad I packed the car and my stuff the night before as I was in Joe's car at Joe put it, I was a red blur. As I drove, I needless to say, I relived memories of my youth...I was late for school! ARGH! I pulled in the parking lot at 7:10. Not bad.

Went inside, set up, blah, blah, blah. The Fair started at 7:30. There were a few girls milling the place and they congregated around the "cool" careers, the doctors, lawyers, event planner, etc. Traffic was slow around my table, duh. The organizers were walking around thanking everyone for coming...I got to meet the new Principal. She said not to worry, it would get busier and the girls would ask me about what I do. I told her, that its okay, I was there to plant seeds. When she asked what I meant, I said "I understand that being  Librarian is not a sexy job to a 17 year old girl. But when they get to their senior year of college and ask the universe "What am I going to do now?" some of them might think, well, library school isn't a bad idea. It sounds a lot better after adding up the costs of your student loans." She laughed and said good planning.

The event itself went really well, lots of girls and a few boys from across the street came up, took stuff, listened to my spiel, and asked questions. I pointed out to everyone that we can't graduate Librarians fast enough to replace retiring boomers and that people with hard science Bachelors degrees were in big demand, especially around here with all the bio-tech research firms. And that its also a fairly family friendly and flexible career. By the end I was handing out pens and pencils to anyone who walked by...I didn't want to take that stuff home...better off with the kids there.

After it was all over, I went and visited my Gram. We had a good conversation without kids bothering us. I crashed for a bit, and then I drove home. It was a long but good day.
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