aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Failing at Motherhood Today

So I decided to take the kids to Happy Hollow Zoo this morning before Ike has to go to school. Its a really small zoo and has lots of little play areas to keep them amused. We did pretty well (i.e. minimum of fights, sticking together, etc) until it was close to being the time to go. While at the play area behind the puppet theatre both girls decided to take off running in opposite directions. By the time I gathered the two of them and got back to the playarea...Ike was gone. I looked around, I called out for him, dragged the crying little girls around a bit...couldn't find him.


Went and found an employee told them I lost my kid, they put out an APB for him and found him in about 10 minutes. I gave him the evil eye the entire time as he was walked over to me. When he got to me, he gave me a big hug and I told him that he really, really scared me and that he shouldn't do that again.

We left the zoo right after that. And I took him to school.

Oy. What a day.

On a good note I pick up my first food basket from out CSA today. YEA!
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