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Well that sucked

So being flush with a State tax refund check and just getting back home from a long, but good day at work, I suggested to Joe that we go out for dinner. We tossed a few ideas of close by restaurants and decide upon Mojo Burger down the street. Its pretty kid friendly, they have a couple of small, kid-sized picnic benches and has a flat screen TV mounted in the wall that perpetually shows cartoons. Its also where I can get a burger and fries and know absolutely for sure that I'm not going to get glutened. They don't look at me funny when I say no bun on my burger and they keep the french fry oil separate from the onion ring & chicken oil.

So we drive over, unload and go in. Joe sits on kids a bit and we order our food. The owner is taking orders tonight, as I've never met him I thanked him for providing a place where I could go out to eat and know that I wouldn't get sick. He thanked me for the compliment. Meanwhile, the kids are being a bit loud, they are excited on being out, very hungry, and they are watching cartoons, but they are no where near as obnoxious as they can be. We are trying to teach them to use good manners when eating out, this is a good place for them to practice. As we wait for our dinner they get up and dance to the music and run up and down the aisles once. I stop them, send them back to the table, reminding them that we are out and to use inside voices. Again, they are being young kids, but not nearly as bad as they could have been.

Ike then decides he needs to go to the bathroom, which turns into a everyone but Mommy needs to go to the bathroom, so Joe wrestles all 3 into the (small) bathroom and I wait. The owner comes out with a tray with our food on it. This is unusual, I thought perhaps he was being nice since we were juggling all three kids.

I wish.

He puts the tray on the table, thanks me for my business and proceeds to tell me not to come back with the kids. "I have a business to run, and your unruly kids already chased a group out*, I don't need business scared away by kids treating my restaurant as their home. Please stay and enjoy your meal, just don't come back."

My response should have been "Go fuck yourself asshole and give me my money back, I'll take my business somewhere else." But no, I did the polite thing, even though the kids weren't in sight. I insisted that he box up our food to go and we got the hell out of there and went home. I wasn't insane I knew the kids were starving by this point, they needed the food and going somewhere else and increasing the delay to food even more which would make everyone extremely cranky. I had to explain to Joe why we were going home considering the plan had originally been for us to go out and eat somewhere.

I'm no longer angry, but just disappointed in myself a bit that I didn't demand my money back.

In the meantime, I'll be writing a few reviews about not taking your Celiac kids to this restaurant as, even though they can eat safely, they aren't welcome. I'll also write a letter to the owner telling him that he will no longer receive my business and exactly why and I'll also include that I've given him negative reviews on the Celiac Boards. And I'll also send my "Frequent Buyer Card" since I'll no longer need it.


*This isn't true, they were done.
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