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Baking Success!

So, a couple of months ago Trader Joe's* came out with a Gluten-Free Brownie Mix. My Gram found it before I did and she managed to bake up a batch for the After-Pop's-Memorial-Service Lunch. They tasted very good...but they could best be described as Brownie Bricks. I love my Gram, she's an amazing cook, after all she's the one who taught me to cook, but baking...that's hit or miss. If she makes something from scratch...its always perfect. Mixes on the other hand....this is where her flops show up. Plus don't forget she burns the rolls every year at thanksgiving . =)

But anyway...she tried again at Easter. Softer Brownie Bricks, but bricks nonetheless.

So recently I was able to find the brownie mix at my local TJ's, and I decided to bake one up tonight. I made 3 changes. I swapped the 1/2 cup vege oil for 1/2 cup melted butter (always tastes better, and butter is much better for you.), I added about 2T of heavy cream (gluten free batters need to be a bit slacker/wetter than usual, as the ingredients are hydroscopic), when I mixed this one up, it was a bit dry, so I threw in the cream (more moisture and more fat, always helpful with gluten-free baking) and I also used a 9x9 instead of the called for 8x8. Recipe on back calls for baking 30 minutes at 350. I checked the first time at 20. Too loose. Five minutes later...Oooo...close. Two more minutes. Perfect, center set and still squishy. (note we like our brownies a bit on the underbaked side). 20 minute rest on a cooling rack and slice! Perfect texture, thin (oh well, can't have everything) and wonderfully fudgy. Kids inhaled their share, and I'm hoping to have some left tomorrow. =)

* BTW mucho Kudos out to the TJ people. They have really expanded their Gluten-Free line of foods in the last year...and most of it is the best tasting stuff on the market. I really appreciate being able to find good tasting stuff.
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