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I got the letter this weekend regarding Ike's admission to the Charter School. As you can probably tell by the icon, he didn't get in. He's been wait listed. I'll call the school tomorrow and find out where on the list he is. I really want him there come hell or high water. I wish they'd open a second kindergarden. But I think the school is very limited on how fast it can grow, they are in portables on a campus they share with a normal elementary school and there's only so much room for them. The Village in Campbell (the other school I would have loved to put him in) had 60 slots for kindergardeners (they had to add a 3rd classroom), and a grand total of 15 of those slots were available to kids on the 3rd/4th tier. (They had something like 35 sibling applications, and 25 in district apps). But, they have an entire campus, so they have the room to expand...wish Oakgrove School District would find Indigo its own school.

Just Grrr! Dammit! I really don't want to put Ike in a traditional elementary school...I don't think he will thrive there. (Not that I have anything against our public school, our elementary school is VERY good. But its still a "Sit down, no talking, and do your work sheets" type of school.  I don't want that for Ike.

Maybe I'll homeschool him until space opens up at Indigo.

EDIT: If I do that I may do what my GF is doing. There's a homeschool program run over in Camden that you homeschool 3 days a week, and they go to class 2 days a week. I am just reluctant to start him at one school, just to pull him out mid-year. Its been hard enough with switching pre-schools, I don't want to put him through this again.
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