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Update: Ike at Indigo

Well. I called the school this morning and asked questions. Which they didn't answer. I got pointed to someone at the District office and spent most of the day trying to talk to the right person. I finally got a hold of her about 40 minutes ago. She can't give me what number on the wait list Ike's been assigned to because they haven't assigned one to anybody yet. And even then, they wouldn't tell me. I was annoyed at this, but I did confirm that In-District kids get first priority, even on the wait-list. So Ike should be somewhat close to the top of the list. I asked why they don't expand the program and she referred me back to the School Principal.

That's not a bad idea. I may do so in the morning.

Wednesday morning I have another "Deep Cleaning" at the dentist. Depending what time it is when I get done with that I may wander over to our home school and register Ike there. Contrary to what some other people might think, I don't think I would be a very good homeschooler. If I were, I'd already be doing it. I'm too tired, and frankly, too lazy uninspired stupid unqualified overwhelmed with my daily life to add that to it. I think I might be better when he's older, but kindergarden? I'll consider it, but its a last resort in my mind.
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