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What a sucky day

Okay so, one of my normal babysitters canceled on me so I only got one day off. Of course its the day I have 3 appts. So I didn't get any rest yesterday. But I did however get:

-Acpuncture treatment at 9 (one sight itched like crazy, like I had been bitten by a mosquito)
-A non-stress test at 10. Basically they hook me up to external fetal monitors for 45 min to catch Elli and Gwen's heart rates and movements. Unfortunately for me, they slept through it. No movement. They beat me up while I was enjoying being a pin cushion, so of course they slept when they needed to be awake. My children are contrary even before they exit the womb.
-A second non-stress test at 11 in labor and delivery. I just love being told "Go to Labor and Delivery." I had 20 pages left in my book so I ran by the library (next door to the hospital) grabbed a book that would keep my interest for several hours (Gone with the Wind) and proceeded to the 5th floor. Must of been a slow day, I was out by 12:15. Elli and Gwen had woken up from their nap and proceeded to beat me up again. Dr was happy and said "Go home." Wish I could of.
-Finally got lunch at the neighborhood Vietnamese place. I had a spring roll and a wonderful bowl of soup. I've been craving their meatball soup for months. I finally got some. Yea, it was waaaaaay too damn hot to eat soup. but I still enjoyed it.
-Ultrasound at 1:30. First good news: Gwen flipped again and is now head down! Yea for me! I don't have to schedule a c-section. Bad news. I've really got to buckle down on my hypbirth exercises (hypnosis) Goodish news: Elli is coming in at 4 lb 10 oz and Gwen is at 4 lb 7 oz. Oy. Lotsa baby I'm pushing around. If my go to 39 weeks like my OB said she'd let me, they'll be full term sized (7-8 lbs). Oy! My aching back!
-a 2 hour nap back at home.

Okay so I said I didn't get any rest. A nap does not qualify as a day off to rest. I can't wait for tommorrow. Gonna go buy Harry Potter in the morning and I'm going to spend the rest of the day reading. Joe and Ike will be elsewhere. Yea! =)

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