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It finally happened

I got something in the CSA box that I didn't like the looks of.

Fresh Fennel.


So then I finally had to put my money where my mouth is. Part of the idea behind getting a CSA box was to expose the family to new veggies and fruits and help us eat better. I HATE, LOATHE, and DESPISE licorice. I don't like the flavor, I won't drink Ouzo, or any other anise flavored drinks. I pass black jelly beans on to my Mom or my Gram. Good and Plenty? You can keep 'em. BLEH!

But there was that fresh fennel in the box. *sigh*

I pulled out a cookbook and looked up a recipe. Very simple sliced fennel salad with a lemon pepper dressing, finished off with fresh parm. I had a bunch of radishes left as well, so I sliced them up on the mandoline too (I used the .75mm blade setting. Wafer thin!). Put some on everyone's plate. Then I sat down to eat my dinner. A tentative bite. Hey, this isn't half bad. Bigger bite. I can still taste the licorice, but the lemon and pepper flavors are covering it up a bit. Then I remembered the parm! I sprinkled some of that on. Ooo! This is good stuff! I ate my entire serving and went back for seconds. Discovered that letting the salad marinate a bit mellows out the licorice flavor.

I don't think it will become a favorite vegetable, but at least I won't be dismayed to find some in my box again.

yea me!
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