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This week's SBQ

Do you have any pieces that you would liked passed on to future generations as family heirlooms?

All of 'em! =)

Yea, now seriously. I have a couple, some little, some big....and some that I want to do, but haven't managed yet. 

When I finish Fleur des Anges, I would definitely consider that a family heirlooms. I've finished 2 of a series of 4 blackwork samplers, that are definitely heirloom quality. If I ever finish Espoir du Ciel (by NKS Design), it definitely qualifies as well. There's not many things I've finished that qualifies I guess...although I do try to treat most of them as if they were and take care of them accordingly. Who know's what will be valued later? My Gram just gave me a bunch of hand embroidered dishtowels that were given to her as a Wedding Present...60 years ago. She never used them. And I love them. I love that beauty of ordinary things.

I want to stitch "And they Sinned", that's a definitely heirloomy item. I also want to do a French Alphabet Sampler from Elegant Stitch (I think I am going to break down and just order one this year. Its not cheap, but sooooo beautiful.) Gigi in France is producing French Letter Samplers (one for each letter of the alphabet), and I want to do one for each of the kids in their favorite color.

I don't know. What makes an Heirloom, an Heirloom? Quality of materials? Quality of work? Monetary worth at auction? Size? (It seems easier for the bigger ones to qualify) or is it just something that someone loves, that reminds them of that person. Going back to the dishtowels, when I see them, I won't think of my Aunt Bertha who stitched them, I never knew her. I'll think of my Gram, she gave them to me.

Definitely an interesting question.



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May. 2nd, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
I looked at some of those web sites. Beautiful stuff! I have an old, worn Tree of Life oriental carpet. After looking at some of the patterns on the web sites it occurred to me that I could take a portion of the picture on the carpet and graph it. (I have a transparent graph. All I'd have to do is lay it on the carpet.) I have nearly 400 shades of DMC floss so I could match the colors in the carpet. That would be fun to do and a neat thing to hang on the wall in that room. Thanks for giving me the idea!
May. 4th, 2008 04:01 am (UTC)
You are welcome! Love to inspire others in their own art.
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