aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Ike is on vacation

Although one could argue that he's never needed one.

My mom took him to visit Joe's North Carolina. He'll be back next saturday. He did well on the flight. They went from SJC to DFW for a 2.5 hour lay-over. Then got on another plane to Raleigh. They spent the night at a hotel with a swimming pool and Mom and Dad got Mom and Ike this morning.

Events worth remembering:

Ike doesn't seem to have much problem with the ascent...but his ears bug the shit out of him on the descent.
I need to teach Ike how to chew and not swallow gum.
Ike actually made it to the toilet without having an accident.
Ike likes telling Texan Businessmen about Scooter's "tail, penis, and poop-hole".
Texas Businessmen have senses of humor when hearing outrageous stories from kids.
Ike's turning into a big kid. Mom said that he knocked Joe's Mom on her butt rushing her to give her a hug.

It will be interesting to get the stories of what's happening as the week progresses.

Scooter (my Mom's Dog) is missing her terribly. The girls are treating him fairly well. Ike is (so far) not missing us. And I'm cool with it.
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