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Procedure 3 of 4

So I went to the dentist today for the next quadrant of my mouth being worked over. I got a new hygenist for this section. Melanie worked my mouth over. I asked if she knew allanh or Randy his husband, and she said she knew Randy. This woman has great aim, for this procedure they load you up with lots of injectable anesthetic. Now for the last two procedures, I still felt some of what Gloria was doing, but it wasn't any more painful than the old fashioned scrape the tartar off your teeth with picks that was commonplace 20 years ago. So I didn't stress about it. Melanie stuck that needle in my mouth today and even though it hurt like a son of a bitch, she got the sweet spot. Before she was done my lips and tounge were tingly and going numb. Within a couple of minutes, my teeth went numb. Not the gums, my teeth. I have never had that happen before. I didn't feel a damn thing today. It was awesome!

I'm still thinking about re-scheduling next week's appointment just because I'm tired of all the apptointments I've got in the next couple of weeks....besides, my mouth really needs a break. My jaw really huts.
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