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While at the park with the family today

Two things worth noting. I'll give you the second first.

We can easily see the Monterey Highway from where we are sitting. We get to watch trains go by. Today we heard a fire truck long before we saw it. When we finally saw it, both Joe and I died laughing.

The Fire Company had added huge shark fins to the top of the truck. Awesome! (Too bad they choked, again.)

Now the first thing.

So most of us are familiar with the fact that when women live together, their menstrual cycles sync up. Today, I noticed that several women on my f-list have warned stated to the world that they have their period. Since I also got mine a few days ago, I am amazed to notice (actually Joe noticed) that the phenomenon also works electronically. 

Either that or we all really are synced up with the phases of the moon.

It was just something interesting to notice

Added later

Hey! Isn't the web great? I found a picture of the fire truck. Or at least something similar. The one we saw was a standard red truck with similar fins on. This truck kicks butt too.
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