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Sleep and the lack thereof

Well, I got my Smart CPAP today. I came home with the unit and 3 different masks to try sleeping with over the next week. I have a set of nasal pillows, a nasal mask, and a full face mask (All made by Res-Med). The question I have now is which one do I try first? The one I think I'll hate or the one I think I'll prefer. I HATE shoving things up my nose. So I'm thinking the pillows will just suck. Although I admit while getting fitted this afternoon I found that after the initial few minutes it wasn't that bad. I just had to remember to keep my mouth closed. Which might end up being a problem as I've never been able to breathe fully through my nose. It will be interesting to see how I feel in the morning.

One of the things I found interesting in my fitting today and the lecture I attended on tuesday was how they kept hammering at the recommendation to use a netti pot (or other nasal irrigation system) about an hour before bed. The supervising Doctor admitted that they don't like to use humidifiers. I wonder if they really think its avoidable or if they are just being cheap. I have a kit, and I bought it at the recommendation of my dietician over a year ago 'cause she felt it might work well enough to get me off allergy drugs (which contribute to my fatigue) I've never been able to get into habit of doing it. I know several people who just swear by Its kinda gross, and I don't like the way it runs out of my mouth. Bleh. But if it might help the CPAP work better. What the hell. I can give it a try.

So I have a follow up appointment next thursday where they download the info off the machine and then give me my permanent machine (and I've already looked up allanh*'s 4 questions I need to ask regarding machines) and my permanent mask. My gram told me that if I end up not liking the machine, to call for an appointment and say that its too noisy and keeps Joe from sleeping. Good thing to know. Then I go back 2 months later for a follow up. I'll ask next week how often I can upgrade my stuff (i.e. masks, hoses, etc)

*Which BTW honey, what are those citrus wipes that you use on your mask? I figure I ought to know this.
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