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CPAP Night 1 Notes

I used the full face mask because I'm stuffed up. I only had one nostril working through the night.

I need either, a shorter ramp period, or higher initial pressure.  Its hard to relax to sleep when I'm feeling like I'm having to work more than usual to breathe. 4mmg just isn't enough to start. That low pressure also makes me feel a bit claustrophobic.

I had to tighten the straps a couple of times in the night as it shifted, but once I got it on good I could sleep on my side without it shifting and thus losing pressure.

Having a runny nose while using one of these things suck. I can't use my usual treatment. Which is stuffing kleenex up my nose to keep it from dripping long enough for me to pass out.

I need to ask what kind of filtration system this thing uses. A really good system would clear up my allergies like the AC does in the car. Or (a new thought) I might be allergic to some material in some component. (I don't do well around some plastics)

Upon waking with a runny nose, DO NOT turn off the machine to blow my nose, with a 45 minute, low pressure ramp, I'm awake for far too long trying to go back to sleep. After doing that ONCE, I just unsnapped it, pushed it to one side, did my thing, then replaced it.

I can actually breathe without effort when this thing is fully going. How cool is that?

Now for the million dollar question. How do I feel this morning?

I feel okay. I feel like I got a better quality of sleep than I usually do. I don't feel like I'm dragging my ass around even though I got up a good 40 minutes earlier than I had to. I just feel like I could use a few more nights with it. Lucky for me, I do!

I was in bed for just over 8 hours, but I was up for a good hour or so around 6. Due to cranky little girls, my runny nose, and the annoying ramp period. So I figure I got a halfway decent amount of sleep. I just need more.
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