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CPAP Night 5 Notes

Full face mask. It is just all around much more comfortable.

Went to bed around 11. Had to take mask off at 4ish due to allergy attack. Can't blow nose or sneeze every 2 minutes with the thing on. And I couldn't breathe to begin with anyway...I was completely clogged up by this point.

I'm going to try changing my sheets tonight and see if fresh (not kitty slept on) sheets helps the nose thing. I don't have any probs with the allergies during the day, but once I go to bed...sniffle, sniffle, Achoo!

I might have to figure out a way to keep the cat from sleeping on the bed during the day (HA!) Mom suggested throwing a flat sheet over the entire thing after getting up. That's almost as bad as having to make the damn thing. (A recent study shows that unmade beds have LESS allergens. I love scientific excuses to be lazy.) But it just might be the solution. Especially since she loves to sleep on my pillow.

Also have to note that the allergies cleared up some after taking the mask off. I also have problems with artificial/plastic scents. Something from the mask itself my be setting me off some too. Joy. I could be allergic to the very thing that might make me sleep better. Oy.
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