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I am now a member of the cool kids club

I have my very own CPAP. I made the respiratory therapist laugh when I asked her with a very earnest and pleading look on my face "I get to take one home with me today? Right?"

I did! I have my own little CPAP (man is it small!) and full face mask. The mask is a loaner as they were out of my size, but they will mail one to me. Yea!

I also found out today that Kaiser does not dick around or stint the bene's for CPAP therapy. I am entitled to a new mask and hose...every three months. I need to go in yearly to have my machine either upgraded or just recalibrated. I can call and be fitted for new masks just for the hell of it. How cool is that?

My pressure is set at 11ccm and my initial ramp is set to 7. She said if that isn't enough, bring it in, and she'll adjust it higher for me.

I am looking forward to the next few months and feeling better....Joe is looking forward to me possibly having a sex drive again.
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