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CPAP Notes

So I've had my CPAP for 3 weeks...I'm still loving that thing...I'd thought I'd post some notes and troll request some commentary from other CPAP users

So I do need the ramp function. I found that if I just turn it on full blast I spend what seems an inordinate amount of time adjusting, re-adjusting, adjusting as every time I budge I get an air leak. If I use the ramp, I fall asleep before it's blowing full blast and I'm not bothered by air leaks. I think when I fall asleep, I finally relax enough to just let the machine do the breathing thing for me. I find that by morning when I'm coming up from sleep that it feels like its blowing gently, but I seem to be getting plenty of air. Its a strange sensation.

I'm wondering how long it will take me to feel like I'm rested again. Yea, I know, I chase 3 kids all day. I was feeling better for awhile there, and now I feel like I'm dragging all over the place again. I know I'm getting better sleep than I was before the CPAP...I just feel like my body is saying "Hey! I'm fucking tired, you haven't slept well in 5+ need more sleep to make up for what's been lost." I'm wondering if I'm not at the right setting yet. 'Cause it was nice to have some energy there 2 weeks ago, and now I'm back to "let me sit on the couch all day and sit. I'm too tired to move." And my sugar/caffeine cravings seem to be coming back. I liked having energy you know?

I've found that I don't want to sleep without the mask. I could nap on the couch or Joe's Big Red Chair. But I don't want to I want to go to my room, but that silly mask on and blast some air down my throat. Interesting.

This sleep thing is a hell of a lot more complicated than it should be.

Oh...last night Gwen came to bed with me before I went down and while listening to her breathe I noticed...she stops breathing for 10-15 seconds every 5 minutes or so. I think she's coming down with a cold (she seems a bit congested), nonetheless, I'm keeping an eye on it.

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