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I'm finding I need to figure out the menu when I get the CSA box...that way I figure out how to eat (almost) everything in it before the next box shows up. I'll come back and finish this up later...probably when I get next week's box.

June 6-14
Friday (MNO) Pizza and Salad*
Saturday: Taco Salad (guests)
Sunday (I'm working):Pasta with Mizuna, feta and olives
Monday: Pot roast (crockpot), Twice baked sweet potatoes with spinach and coconut milk (newsletter)
Tuesday:Aloo Gobi (crockpot), curried greens (recipe in email, Dr. Weil), yogurt chicken (crockpot)
Wednesday (MNO other group): Mac n cheese
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday:Pizza, Salad, Radish Pickles (appetizer, recipe in newsletter) (Guests)
Saturday: BBQ Beef Brisket (crockpot), Salad, Baked beans (crockpot maybe?)

Also on the list of food things to do this week:
-get frozen strawberries to Mom for making into jam
-make 2-4 loaves of zucchini bread (need to clear out last years shreaded zucchini)
-rearrange freezer. I've bought a quarter share of a cow...I need space! I've got 85-90 lbs of beef headed for my freezer in less than 2 weeks.
-get rid of frozen food I know we aren't going to eat. Anyone want a couple of 1lb bags of edamame? A 1 lb bag of frozen veggie/pasta mix? A bag of flavored roasted potatoes?

*I'm tempted to eat dinner before MNO, they want to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory. They supposedly have a gluten-free menu. The last time we went to a pasta place that was "Gluten-Free" I got massively sick. 
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