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More adventure's in L&D

So, I was having a funky feeling in my pelvis day. I'm like okay, wierd, maybe Elli dropped further into my pelvis. Felt like I was walking around her head. Strange feeling let me tell you. And as the day went on I had some real contractions (been having at least one a day since thursday) and I didn't think anything of it. I got my Kaiser phone call at 4:45 and after answering all their questions (yes, I have a headache, no its not responding to anything, yes I'm feeling pressure in my pelvis, yes, I'm having contractions, yes I'm been having cramps in my lower back all day, no my blood pressure is fine (133/81)) they decided I should talk to my Dr.

So I hang up with them, wait forever on the phone to get to nurse so I can leave a message with my OB. She proceeds to ask me the same questions, calls L&D and tells me that they want to see me.


Call Joe, bust him out of a meeting. Call a friend of mine to take Ike (He had a blast. She's got 4 kids (8,4,4,2) and he got to play with all of 'em. When we finally got home he didn't want them to leave.) Wait for Joe to get home. He finally does, he eats food, and we go. We get to L&D around 7.

Normal routine proceeds. Pee in cup. Blood tests ordered. Get the external fetal monitors strapped on, quick pelvic exam, and then the wait. Actually it wasn't too bad last night. We were out by 10:15. Blood tests show that I'm not toxemic, the cervical swab show's I'm not in labor, and the pelvic results in a non-dilating cervix. That was the good part. The downer is that the doctor ordered me to "be a couch potato". I'm not on bed rest, but I can't chase Ike any longer either. *sigh*

I hate impinging on my friends to take care of Ike. I know my Moms will do it gladly. I just hate having to ask.

So today is a day that Ike normally goes to one of the Moms. (He's having more fun this summer than I am. When I was in the hosptial, they took him to the beach at Santa Cruz. Today he went to Great America. Its not fair I tell you!) But did I get any rest? NO! Why? Dr's appts. You can't rest when you spend all day at a damn appt. I have 2 more tommorrow, but I'm hoping to get a decent nap. Today's got interrupted by a barking fight between all the neighbor's dogs. Just great.

Now, however, I'm off to bed.

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