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Food Review

So tonight I cooked Hitchhiker's Palak Paneer which I found on cjsmith's blog

First off, I have to admit, I have been rolling 3's with my cooking lately. All the new stuff I have been trying has been mind blowing yummy.

Now to the recipe. It was very good. The spices were very subtle and you could actually taste the food under the sauce. If you like your Indian food very flavorful...I'd double the spices.

In a post on his own blog he gives instructions for how to deal with the ricotta. I used a whole milk ricotta. I found that the 40 minutes listed was not enough. The cheese was still too damp to cook properly when fried. Next time, I may try draining it overnight to firm it up even more, then baking it.

I found that the oil should be very hot (read med-high to high heat) in order to get it to brown the cheese.

Depending on the size of your pan, you may need more oil. I found it needed a bit of depth to cook properly and NOT stick to the bottom of the pan. Just a skim across the bottom is not enough. (Hrm. Maybe a non-stick pan?)

I think this will become a staple around our house. I am trying to incorporate more vegetarianism in our meals, not because I'm against eating meat (oh hell no) but because its cheaper. And I agree with Julia Child. If I must become a vegetarian, I'll eat nothing but Indian food.

So, I give it two thumbs way up!

Joe also gives it two thumbs way up, but also notes that its not good enough to rate a blow-job (like the asian slaw the other night).

The kids? *ahem* Lets just say, they will be hungry later tonight. They turned up their collective noses to everything tonight. Their loss, more for Joe and I.
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